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Types of Therapy 

    Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, we pay close attention to everything - verbal and non-verbal - that is communicated during your therapy session. By valuing the details of each session, we can support you in your own problem solving and watch for opportunities to create “moments of change”.

Family Therapy

Family therapy views the family as a system. No one member of the family system can be identified as the perpetrator or victim. The family system itself, and roles each family member has in that system, needs to be examined, clarified and in some cases changed.

The TEACCH Program

The TEACCH program (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children) was proposed by Dr. Eric Schopler in the 1960s. Dr. Schopler was one of the first to argue that the cause of autism spectrum disorder was not environmental, but rather innate. Dr. Schopler documented five cognitive tendencies common in people with autism spectrum disorder (for example, the tendency to prefer visual information rather than auditory information). The TEACCH program is an educational program for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder based on those cognitive tendencies.

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